Eddy and Sam's Griffons
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons
High Quality Hunting Dogs and Devoted Family Companions
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings ―
The Dogs At
There is nothing better than jumping into nice cold water on a hot day!!!
This is Willow, she is 8 months old and is quickly becoming my favorite hunting partner. She is a quick learner and loves what she does.
Willow came from Mollies litter last year Sire is Chewy.

Shout out to the Boise PD!!

Shout Out to Officer Rose
I was taking one of our sweet pups to the airport to ship her off to her new home and had the most amazing experience. When I arrived at the airport I realized that she had puked all over herself and the crate. I left the crate with this wonderful officer and took her to the restroom to clean her up and when I got back I found the officer down on his knees cleaning up the crate for me. I quickly let him know he did not need to do that, and he told me that was alright. He said because he did all the work, would I mind if he held the dog for a bit. We spent the next 15-20 minutes having a wonderful conversation while he loved on the pup. I was deeply touched with how kind this officer was and I wanted to share it with everyone. Thank you Boise PD for always being there and for being so amazing!! You are all greatly appreciated.
~ Eddy Driesel

Our dogs are more than just dogs, they are companions.  They are apart of our family. We dedicate time to each dog to ensure they are well socialized and are healthy.  Our puppies are reaised in our home as part of our family because they are dogs who thrive on human companinship. We are a small kennel and only breed one to two times a year to provide our dogs with the attention and training they deserve.